This is one of the first private dental offices in Split , opened in 1971 and equipped with the latest dental equipment. It is located in the ground floor of a prestigious house on the corner of Vukovarska and Drziceva ( first zone, city of Split ). Entrance is from Drziceva. In front of the waiting room which is decorated by paintings of respected Croatian artists there is a resting area with flowers, benches and an ancient carved well. After being called by one of the three nurses, the patient enters the office of the dentist he has chosen as his doctor.

As of 1993, together with Dr. Masa Perkovic, this office is run by Dr. Ante Perkovic- a well established dentist who has carried on the family tradition.

This office offers all kinds of dental services, most advanced prosthetic, fixed and mobile dentistry. For this purpose we co-operate with the best dental technicians who have mastered the use of all materials known to contemporary dental practice worldwide.

Long lasting tradition of the Perkovic dental office and the reputation it enjoys in Croatia support the patients expectations that all his dental problems will be successfully solved in this office and that all the work done will result not only in functionality but in authentic esthetical impression.

You can make an appointment by phone, fax or e-mail.

We speak English.