The implant is a titanium supplement which is surgically implanted on the spot where the lost root used to be. The function of the implant is to carry one or more lost teeth. Implants can also serve as retention elements for the stabilisation of upper, lower or complete dentures. The use of implants eliminates the need for teeth drilling hence protecting the gums. The success rate of modern implant dentistry is 98%.

Implant therapy requires certain preparation which consists of a check up in the dentist’s office, CT scan of the upper or lower jaw for the computer planning of the implantation procedure and an antibiotic therapy before and after the intervention.

Computer planning is performed with Simplant software which, after the CT scan of the individual condition of each patient is uploaded, generates a 3D virtual model used to precisely plan the positioning of the implant. This method raises the expected esthetical results by 75%. For more information please use the link on the bottom of this page.

Our office Center is qualified for the use of Astra Tech dental implants!
Astra Tech is a Swedish company and beside the dental implants they also manufacture a wide range of products used in surgeries and urology. Main characteristic of this company is innovativeness which is, among others, manifests itself in the OsseoSpeed technology. This particular technology enables faster generation of more bones which in turn speeds up the anchorage of the bone and the implant. For more information please use the link on the bottom of this page.


The process of reimbursement of lost teeth, implants can be divided into:
– diagnostic phase
– planning phase
– the surgical phase of implant placement

To be able to plan and safely perform implant surgery, we must first make a qualitative diagnosis, which consists of:
– taking the imprint of the upper and lower jaws
– casting plaster models to simulate future position of the teeth that will be carried by implants
– a CT scan of the upper and lower jaws

CT images with the help of a computer program SimPlant converted into a 3D model. Plaster models are scanned using an optical scanner. The resulting data are also used in SimPlant program.

Once you learn the necessary data, moving the planning process put the implant on a 3D model using SimPlant program. It should be borne in mind that improperly placed implants can cause damage to sensitive anatomical structures of the upper and lower jaw stability compromise future prosthetic replacement and jeopardize the aesthetics of impressiveness. Therefore, although this process takes place in the computer, which means that the patient is invisible, it is nevertheless crucial for the result of failed or unsuccessful treatment.

Having a plan put implants in the same program we make a 3D model of surgical guides. Surgical guides were helping made of ABS plastic 3D printer, and use it during the implant procedure in order that implants are placed exactly as planned in SimPlant program.

Our practice has invested considerable resources in the computer and software, all for maximum safety of performing implant surgery and to achieve the desired aesthetic results.

It’s safe to say that this implant procedure is one of the top international implants and to guarantee the success of the project!