With great joy and pride we can inform you that we have in our office developed a computer application that monitor the sterilization of dental instruments from their washing, sterilization time and date to the time and date of issuance of each instrument. It is, which is particularly important in the application entered and the name of the patient whose dental treatment is used the respective instrument. After the service, the patient receives a print used sterile instruments.

We are proud that such an uncompromising monitoring of sterilization and the issuance of instruments above the world standards of medical practice, it is clear already from the fact that it has not yet been provided by the Croatian law and EU regulations. Therefore we hope that the result of our efforts for maximum safety and quality of dental work in our office in time to be recognized by the ‘overall medical institutions, and will as such be built and the EU regulations on the safety of sterilization, which would oblige the legal provisions RH.

In the end we are left to conclude: the act of choosing our clinic you have chosen for yourself and your family. But not only that, you have chosen the office whose staff monitors all global dental achievements and acquire modern technology for fast and safe intervention in your mouth, office, which itself participated in the upgrading of the existing world of dental standards.